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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A No No Guide To Parenting!!!!!  6 Things Not To Do With Or To Your Child

Ever saw a mum or a dad with their kids and said to yourself how on earth are they allowed to raise a child. I’m not talking about the odd telling off or light smacking. I’m talking about the mum smoking with her 11 year old daughter or the dad sharing a beer with his 14year old son. I have seen the smoking one myself and heard about the drinking. 

There are even worse parenting out there and these people are just getting away with it. There was a story about a wannabe WAG mum Laura Palmer in the dailmaily this week who allegedly spends most of her money doing herself up rather than taking care of her children. While she was out partying her neighbours found her children outside running around naked covered in faeces but yet she was spared jail when she went to court. 

All these must make you wonder why people decide to have kids when clearly they are not ready to raise them. Unfortunately there are still some parents out there up to no good. If only the poor little ones or someone can say or do something about their situation, that will make such a huge difference. I know most people including myself have had their fair share of parenting guilt trip but some parents her just horrible.

I came across a few images on dailymail which just speaks volume about the adults trusted to look after theses poor kids. I hope by showing these pictures, they get caught and punished. Some of the pictures were intended as jokes but clearly a cringe worthy one that isn’t even funny.

To the innocent parents: Please be watchful of the people looking after your kids.

To the horrible parents: You brought your children to this world, take care of them because they didn't ask to be here,so do your job and do it well!!!!

See below in picture the 6 things not to do with or to your child. Talk about stating the obvious; please share your views below. All I have to say is May GOD help and protect these kids. 

Pole dancing with children

  • Do not practice pole dancing in front of your kids 

baby in a microwave
  • Do not put your child in the microwave, it is very dangerous

Smoking baby

  • Do not give your child cigarettes to smoke, smoking causes cancer

A child holding lion
  • Do not buy a pet lion for your child, it could eat her

Child with a gun
  • Do not practice gun shooting with your child,she could easily turn around and kill you, reading to her will do the trick instead

Baby drinking alcohol

  • Do not start your baby on alcohol that will just mess her up 

See more picture on Dailymail

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