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Thursday, August 9, 2012

4 things to do and enjoy with the family in the last days of the 2012 London Olympics

The Olympics has been an amazing event so far from the fantastic opening ceremony to the host country Team GB winning more medals than they have ever won since the creation of the games. Everything has gone according to plan well almost and there hasn't been any security threat which is even marvellous. 

If you are thinking of enjoying the last four days of the event, by yourself or with family. Here is a list of four things you could do. 

  • Visit the Olympic park
Take a self guided tour around the waterways of the park giving you a chance to see wildlife, beautiful green land scape and discover the intriguing facts on its transformation and development. Please note you will need to buy ticket to gain access to the park.
Check for ticket prices on the official site here

  • Visit Stratford East London:
This is the area most of the games take place, the Olympic park, village, aquatic centre are located around the area. There is also a big shopping centre there. Even if you don't have a game ticket, Stratford is still a lovely place to visit for the festive atmosphere, big screens in the area to watch the games or you can just treat yourself to some retail therapy by popping to the Stratford Westfield shopping centre. All you need is transportation money
Adult day travel card: Over £8
Children under 5 travel free
Children over 5 need a zip oyster photocard check TFL for more info
  • Visit Hyde Park
They is always an event on in Hyde park some are paid and some are free to access. Hyde park will host two Olympics games competition. Triathlon and the 10KM Marathon swimming competition.
If you weren't lucky enough to get Olympics ticket, you can watch the men's 10km swimming marathon final on Friday 10th of August at 12noon. This way you get to feel like you are part of it all. Its free to the public. I will be there.

In addition you may also get the opportunity to access a range of free and ticketed attractions like

  1. BT Live Event
  2. London Hyde Park 2012 Shop for souvenirs
  3. National Olympic Committee Houses: Africa Village and Sochi Park around Kensington Gardens

  • Lastly Organise or attend an Olympic closing ceremony party: Make the 2012 London Olympics one to remember by having a house party or a lovely barbecue if the weather permits. Since the games finishes on Sunday why not invite family and friends around, decorate your house in what ever country you support to make it more patriotic and Enjoy the end of the games and the closing ceremony together. I am attending one and I will definitely be ending the games with a BIG BANG. Make sure you do the same. Enjoy the rest of the games and have a good one.
Watch out for me in Rio 2016. I might be competing under the Olympics independent flag in the women's 100m. I hope my life long dream comes true.  Wink* wink*

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