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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Baby Sleep, I Sleep

This week has been hectic, to say the least, from looking after my darling baby and hubby to studying for my driver’s theory test to finishing up my course project and working. All these would have been a piece of cake if not for my dear 10month old son’s new pastime “Sleeping late”. He decided to change his bed time to 1am for the past week, which has turned me into a zombie mummy.
Tired Mum
Tired Mum
It takes me back to the days he was 2weeks old when he woke up every 2 hours, and we practically got no sleep. Once he got older we later trained him on the controversial let them cry it out system to sleep called "The Ferber method demystified", which worked when he was 4months for some time; soothing himself to sleep. Now he is 10month old and has decided no more luxury for mummy and daddy; its punishment time for all the easy sleep night we’ve had. He still has his naps during the day easily, but when night falls he decides its baby play time, you would think he had enough of that at the baby playgroup but no he wants me to do a baby rap of itsy bitsy spider on high volume by demonstrating with his favorite hand gestures. We do our bedtime routine (Take a bath eat, brush, read and hopefully sleep). Then I tell him its bed time, but he insists on his rap soI do a quick itsy bitsy, and take him to bed. It is when I put him in his cot that the drama starts; he would go from a low pitch cry, to a high pitch one, to squawking etc. (yeah Kamil cries as difficult as it might seem to some of my friends). I tried petting him and putting him back, but he won’t have it, so I end up putting him in our bed. It still takes him about 30minutes before falling asleep after doing his Spiderman’s impression he then ends at the edge of the bed snoring. So I decided to check out babycenter to see if other mums are experiencing the same thing, not surprising a lot of them were; especially the ones with 10 month old. (It seem like all the 10month old in the world decided not to sleep) Most parents said they used the cry it out approach and then explained that it wasn’t easy, but it’s was worth it. Although I had tried this system before and as it says you might have to try it a couple of times to see the result. So I decided to try it again on Thursday night. My beloved son cried for 50 minutes in a different tone. (I went in occasionally to calm him down, and offered him some water) In the end; he gave in and dosed off. To my surprise he slept through the night; and so did I (without having to sing hubby’s favorite hopeful sleeping song to him “you sleep, I sleep”)His cries have gotten shorter by the day now (Touchwood).After the first night,  he didn’t want to talk to me when he woke up, but when the milk lady (me) brought food he was all smiles. Although this system is controversial in my opinion, I think a little tough love wouldn’t do your baby any harm. Many child experts have proven it works so, parents consider it if your child copes well. The stressful week all seem like yesterday after I had a well deserving full spa treatment courtesy of my lovely husband with a friend at essencewellness spa. (Best spa ever) Haaaaaaaa bliss I’m still floating.

Here, is a clip of experts on both sides of the argument explaining their views.


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