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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Just That Extra Safety Check

Last Saturday night I sat on the sofa in the living room after another grueling day. Baby and daddy upstairs in bed sleeping, so I decided to put my feet up and flick around TV programs.  I stumbled on “Caught on camera”, at first I thought it was a dirty program not that I’m interested in that kind of thing (lol) but the program ended up being an interesting view. Imagine you’re on holiday with your family and friends by the beach side. It’s a lovely day and everyone is enjoying themselves. You decided to take pictures of the kids by a fenced cliff to capture the moment; as they gathered together smiling ready for the picture, one of the children suddenly loses her balance and trips over the edge. OMG I said cringing to the edge of my seat, thankfully one of the relatives quickly grabbed her as she clung onto a bunch of grass. Hence the name of the program "caught on camera". The incident was filmed by a family member by chance.

Shocked Mum
Shocked mum

Next a mother at the train station pushing her six months old baby boy safely tucked in the pram.The train approaches suddenly and she decided to release the pram before the train stops. As she did, for some odd reason her trousers decided to sag from her bum at that moment so she tried pulling it up taking her eyes away from the pram for a second when the pram rolled hastily onto the rail track with the baby in it .  This is all being recorded by the train stations’ cctv camera by the way. As the train approaches a women noticed the pram rolling away and ran after it, the mother also noticed it, running and screaming at the driver to stop but unfortunately it was too late, the train had rolled over the pram. I almost pissed myself (I can't guarantee I didn't), screaming OMG repeatedly as if the more I said it the more money I get paid into my bank account. In tears thinking to myself that’s a helpless baby under that train, praying to GOD that he is still alive. As fate will have it the baby survived with a few scratches.
 The moral of this blog today is that parents please keep a watchful eye over your child/ren. I know how busy and difficult it can be sometimes especially being a new mum, and I for one can be a right old klutz sometimes but I keep saying to myself be careful, don’t let that drop, don’t trip over then I suddenly do lol .  But I still try my best not to.
 I remember telling a friend I don’t think I want to have a baby yet because I might just forget him/her on top of the car and drive off(silly me).It actually happened on a program I saw. I know we can only do our best as parents but if u’re on holiday or pushing the pram on a bus or train make sure you use a belt and do that extra safety check before taking pictures, pushing the pram on the train or doing anything else, that extra check might just save a life.In this mother's case thanks to the pram. I have added a short clip of one of the incidents below so we can really see how precious our lives and kids are especially when we have the opportunity to protect and guide these amazing beings called children. Take care parents and be safe till next time.

Hugs and kisses to the little ones


  1. Nice post...!!! OMG thank God that baby survived! That's indeed a miracle

  2. I remember that story on the news! It was right scary....