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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Bling the Dummy or Choke the child!

"There is a new trend amongst fashion-conscious parents" reports daily mail. The report states that some parents have been blingingfing (If that’s even a word) their children’s feeding equipment with stick-on diamantes all in the name of fashion.

Blinged out feeding bottle
Blinged out feeding bottle

Apparently the diamante pieces are glued or stuck-on to cover children’s feeding bottles, pacifiers and other feeding related items to make it look really sparkling and expensive.

When I read the article, my first thought was Woooow really, what right thinking parent will want to bling out pacifiers and why a child needs stick on sparkling diamond or diamante feeding bottle is beyond me. Even my soon-to-be mum friend loves it, I guess she doesn't see the danger yet until her baby pops out lol.  

I can comprehend the occasional designer outfit but a blinged-out pacifier is just over the top, dangerous and unnecessary.

Trading officers in the UK seized a stash of pacifiers from operating retailers in Rutherglen shopping centre near Glasgow because similar products failed safety test performed by watchdog nationwide. 

Trading standard have now released a statement warning parents of the potential choking hazard these accessories pose to children, urging them to think of their children’s safety before fashion.

Blinged out pacifiers
Blinged out pacifiers

TS also states that once the diamante stick-ons comes in contact with water, it gradually chips off as parents try to clean the equipment; the loose bits may then accidently drop into the baby’s mouth while feeding.

As an adult and a parent I think whatever we do to ourselves in the name of fashion is cool, as long as we are happy and not hurting anyone; but a baby hasn’t asked for a blingified feeding bottle, which also poses a threat to his/her life.

My advice to the fashion-conscious yummy mummies is please ditch the bling to save your child’s life. Trust me they don’t need it and neither do they appreciate it.

Before you buy this item ask yourself this “Do I want to bling the dummy or choke the child”  My answer 

Birthday Cupcakes
Birthday Cupcakes
Enjoy the rest of your day and oh I forgot to mention, happy birthday to me. 

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