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Friday, March 16, 2012

3 Hilarious reasons why you should check your child's homework.

My son is 18month old now, which means I still have a few more years to prepare for the home work dramaYayy!!!  As most parents I know would say this homework monitoring thing can be such a pain sometimes.  I know people who would give anything not to go through their kid’s homework because of all the drama it comes with (Like they don’t have enough to deal with For the ones with older kids the routine plays out like this

Mum:  Go get your homework done
Child: No response
1 Hour later: Have you done your homework?
Child: In a minute
Mum: I said go do it now!!!!!
Child: Gosh mum ok ok I’ll do it

Once it’s all done after hours of shouting and lamenting, mum just wants to make sure it’s all done so she asks again and she gets an eye rolling yes answer.
For the ones with younger children I know parents have to actually make sure they do their homework by going through it with them. I know this because I have a family friend who at every opportunity shoves this responsibility on me once I visit. I’m guessing she thinks that is the number one think I look forward to doing when I visit and the fact that she doesn’t like it at all, which brings me to the pictures of the day. Here’s to parents reluctant to go through their children’s homework with them.  See 3 hilarious reasons, pictures and explanation below on why you should. It is both awkward and funny. Enjoy
  •           To make sure they get their drawings right

Pole dancing mum
  •        Make sure they understand question

Funny exam answer

  •          Ensure they don’t offend people of a particular region
birmingham exam answer

I stumbled on more hilarious real life exam answers by students on dailymail's website. Click here  to see more.

I hope you enjoy it, happy Friday and have a lovely weekend.

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