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Friday, March 2, 2012

Your baby can read!!!! Trust me

As 1st of March is world book day(Since we have a day for everything these days. Lol), I thought I should write something on reading. When I was pregnant I attended a lot of maternity classes and read a lot about the advantages of reading to your children right from the worm, till when they are born and as they grow older. I thought to myself, what a load of b---s. How crazy will I sound reading to a baby in the womb. So I didn’t do the reading to my fetus bit but I made him listen to a few of John Legends track so he can share some of mummy’s music taste.
I knew I was going to be home for at least a year after my child was born; so I thought to myself what I can do to support my child in terms of his development process.  I researched it and found reviews and videos about reading and using flash cards to help children’s language and reading skills. I found a reading package called your baby can read. I was a bit skeptical at first but after thinking about it and reading reviews I thought, ok this looks good enough.

It contained series of DVD, books and flash cards of various words and pictures of objects, animals, things children are surrounded with or not on a daily basis. It recommends starting it as early as a month old. Initially I thought this is ridiculous how will a one month old be able to understand flash cards or the books I am reading to him, turns out babies thrive on persistent repetition. I have been reading different kinds of books and the baby can read pack to my son since he was 2 month old. He watches the DVD once in the morning and then playfully study the flash card with real life examples placed around him. When he was 10months he started responding to my never ending requests and questions like clap your hands, hold your head, what sound does a dog make? etc. I think he just decided to respond so I stop nagging him Lol. 

He started pronouncing more words on the flash cards and books at 14 months and it has just improved from then on. He is 17months old now and he can pronounce words like umbrella, squirrel, gorilla etc. He recognises and pronounces over 40 words now.  Here’s a thought for working mums 5minutes of your alone time a day every day with your little one for reading could achieve something and stay at home mums could do this at their own free time. Trust me it is worth it. 

Below is an amateur video of him talking, fighting and demonstrating to my request as a motivation for anyone looking to try it if you haven’t already started.

Happy world book day

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